new home builds. top quality series in auckland. we get called when craftsmanship is needed.

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Welcome. From Renovations of old homes to brand new homes we cover it all, we have been helping kiwis all around auckland; and we’re willing to give you a hand too! With custom craftsmanship; We’re called on-site to get the job done right! If you're unsure about the requirements for your project just give us a call and we can help you get back on the right track.

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Our Core Services

When it comes to large changes to your home through additions or renovations, we are the team for you. Chat with us today or click to see more.

Adding onto your home or wanting a new Change? Check out more here

Here at VT Building, we turn the Kiwi dream into reality. When you need a professional team to cover renovations and additions, we are the crew that can turn it real with quality and speed. Whether your heart is after a new beautiful Kitchen, you want to add a spa to relax in, or you want to add a nice little relaxation spot outdoors to stretch your legs in, our professional team has been there and done it all. With us, our goal is to make both the experience of working with us and the actual final result top-notch. Quality, speed, and transparency are our company's values. Call today and let's see how we can get started.

Renovations & Additions
Whether you are looking for a bathroom with a more traditional or modern touch, we can help you select the best option for your home.

Need proffosionals? We here waiting for you! Craftmanships in our slogan.

Bring up your bathroom with us, With 13+ years of experience, we bring top-notch quality to the table that doesn't put a hole in your wallet. We pride ourselves on improving your home. Whether you are looking to improve it to increase its value so you can sell it for more or whether you want to enjoy your home more, we are the team for you. Our experienced team brings an easy stress-free experience. Whether you want to get a more modern, sleek design or are looking into something a little more timeless, we can bring your dream into reality. With the perfect blend of quality, speed, and affordability, we are the team for you. Call today!

Looking for a new deck for your family? Has the recent weather dropped a tree on your new deck? Check out what we can do for you!

Decks, decks, decks—we've done so many. We're the best and most efficient at making quality decks.

Beautify your backyard with a kiwi home essential Deck. With over 13+ years of experience in the deck building space we have some of the best work in our industry you will find. With Top-Notch Quality hand built craftsmanship at a price that can fit your wallet size. We are the safest choice because not only have we been at this for years but our proven track record of Decks that stay strong and beautiful for years on. Our team of specialist is completely dedicated to providing you the best and most stress free service we can. We build a deck for you and your family to play and relax on.

Things break. We are here to fix the problem as soon as possible so you can get back to living. More information is below.s

When you need to get something fixed: Call our Proffesionals today!

At VT Building, we believe you need professionalism and quality when it comes to your insurance reinstatement. With over 13+ years of solid quality work, we understand how to get the job done in the way you need it done: quality, transparency, and on time. Our team is committed to giving you the most stress-free experience, especially when things break down when they aren't supposed to. From small repairs to larger reinstatements, we tailor to your needs. For quality, on-time, and transparent service, call VT Building today!

Insurance Reinstatement NZ

Why work with us?

Can you work on an old home with unique floor plans?

Are you a perfectionist also?

How long have you been in this business?

We get asked all types of questions from first-time buyers; we’ve seen it all from building small kitchens to full fledged double kitchens with a butlers pantry. We can help you design your ideal home and bring it to reality!

Our Services

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we do all sorts of Renovations and or Additions to your home

Renovations & Additions

We are the leading experts in dealing with old homes, especially when it requires custom craftsmanship. We are best in our field. Talk to Vaughn today about what your home needs. If you need to do some additions to your home, we can help you out! Talk to us today.

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“I needed builders who could work on time and get the Job done reliably without me having to oversee it. VT Buildings is the definition of Reliable, and Professional”021 024 23921
Serving Auckland for over a decade

Pound To Serve Auckland

We are Proud to say we've been serving auckland for over a decade. We can say with confidence we help hundreds of people & projects whether it is a residential home for a new family coming to auckland or large commercial projects. We understand most people don’t know our industry. Do we make it easy for people like you to go through the process, figure out what your requirements are and get a reasonable quote in a quick time frame. Talk to Vaughn Today.

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new home builds. top quality serives in auckland. we get called when craftmenship is needed.Talk to us about all your custom furniture needs
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we do all sorts of Renovations and or Additions to your homeWith over 5 years in experience in building in auckalnd for locals
Best Custom Builds in NZ. when craftmenship is required, VT is called.get in contact with the top builders in auckland today