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Our Core Principals


We don't pretend to give people good deals and not deliver on our end. When we give you a time frame, we mean it. Whether it's a day job or a 1 year project, we don't under deliver!


We get called when the job is unique and there is no room for mistakes. With decades of experience our team can tell you if it can be done & if there's any possible risks, got a job that needs consulting? talk to us now!


Honesty is an excellent way to show your clients your expertise. We Have tried and true methods, and if we don't think we can finish it in an expected time frame we'll let you know ASAP.


We work like a well oiled machine; without increasing the risk for our workers or for your property. We are certified & prepared. call us if your unsure about ur requirements.

We're Top of the line


Do u need plumbers, roofers or tilers. We can give you a hand. We can help you most trades; Feel free to give us a call and can give you a quote, timeframe & explain the process. Here at VT Building, we have not let any of customers don't and we don't plan to start soon. Chat with us about about your needs!

The VT Building Service Team

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